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Carbs and Kisses

[Forgive my lack of compulsiveness. I’ve neglected to write down or measure or pinch anything related to 4-HB this week. My diet’s been on point; lots of omelettes, salmon, and Moe’s chicken fajitas. I experimented with the 62-lb kettlebells, with rousing success. I unapologetically ate two giant sweet potatoes for breakfast that day. It felt … Continue reading

Remedial Dating Strategies

Round 2, Day 5 – Friday July 22 Breakfast: 6 eggs, spinach Lunch: red curry chicken with cauliflower Dinner: salmon filet, cauliflower Afters: about a bottle of red wine Round 2, Day 6 – Saturday July 23 Breakfast: 6 eggs, cauliflower Workout: incline bench (155lb, 3 sets of 5), weighted pullups (55lb, 3 sets of … Continue reading

Demo Mode

“What if I were a vegan, and I insisted we only go to pure vegan restaurants together? At least you’d still have the opportunity to grab a chicken sandwich with a friend, and you’d do it, often. But what if we got to the point where ate all of our meals together, and you were … Continue reading

Kettlebell Swinger

Day 32 – Thursday June 30 Workout – 75kb swings at 53lb (in 2 sets! 46 and 29) Breakfast – salmon filet, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – 6 eggs, salad Dinner – green chicken curry with cauliflower Day 33 – Thursday July 1 Breakfast – 6 eggs, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – Moe’s chicken fajita … Continue reading