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Return on Investment

Return on Investment I won’t lie. The Dave Palumbo “lose those last 10 pounds of fat” diet (eating every three hours, keeping your carb intake under about 25 grams a day, and doing just a tiny bit of exercise) lasted a solid ten days. I have better will power than most people, but it was … Continue reading

Coming Together

Date #2 with The Terrorist: On our first date, we had made plans to watch a movie; her idea – The Hangover 2 at the Dollar Theater on Saturday. I called The Terrorist (so named because of her frequent business jaunts to Israel and Jordan) that afternoon to finalize the times and offered to pick her up, which she … Continue reading

Critical Mass

I’m 5’8” (with the right shoes on), 164 pounds. I look… pretty good. Very good, maybe. I get it. But I’m also a perfectionist, an obsessive tinkerer, and a former chunky teenager who *never* had the body of an 18-year-old, even as an 18-year-old. While I’m happy that I look the way I look, I … Continue reading

Cat and Mouse and Grasshopper

I’d like to say everything was OK until the grasshopper showed up. But it wasn’t. (Yes, I’m still thinking about it.) Saturday August 13 2011 – Cheat Day Breakfast: baked lemon-garlic chicken breast, sautéed spinach Workout: Incline Bench 165lb 3 sets of 5, Weighted Pull-up 65lb 3 sets of 4 Post-Workout Recovery: 2 small sweet … Continue reading

The Natural Order Of Things

Thursday August 11 2011 Breakfast: 6-egg omelet, salsa, spinach Lunch: Cobb salad Dinner: chicken wings, celery, carrots, blue cheese, 3-4 glasses wine Friday August 12 2011 Breakfast: chicken breast smothered in green curry coconut gravy Lunch: Moe’s chicken fajita Dinner: salmon filet, sautéed spinach A whole week without exercise, and I haven’t turned into a … Continue reading

Kitchen Nightmares

Tuesday August 9 2011 Breakfast – salmon filet, sautéed spinach Lunch – 6 hard-boiled eggs, sautéed spinach Dinner – smothered chicken breast in “Thai gravy” (recipe below) Other – 1 tequila-and-soda with lime Wednesday August 10 2011 Breakfast – 6-egg omelet, salsa, sautéed spinach Lunch – smothered chicken breast in “Thai gravy” (recipe below) Dinner … Continue reading

The Floodgates Open

Sunday August 7 2011 Breakfast – salmon filet, turnip greens Lunch – two rotisserie chicken legs, turnip greens Dinner – Jimmy John’s Turkey Guacamole Un-wich (lettuce wrap) Monday August 8 2011 Breakfast – 6 egg omelet, salsa, turnip greens Lunch – Moe’s chicken fajita with guacamole Dinner – rotisserie chicken wings in green curry dipping … Continue reading

The Right to Choose

Baseball Fixes Everything And as quickly as it all went downhill, normalcy resurfaced just as quickly, in the disguise of a baseball game. Friday August 5 Workout – 100 burpees Breakfast – sweet potato, 6 egg omelette Lunch – turkey breast and swiss cheese sandwich (minus the bread) Dinner – salmon filet, red cabbage, coconut … Continue reading


Wednesday August 3, 2011 Workout – 75 kettlebell swings at 62lb (sets of 40, 20, 15) Post-Workout – 2 purple sweet potatoes, 1 turkey sausage Breakfast – 6-egg omelet, salsa, steamed broccoli Lunch – baked chicken breast, yellow squash Dinner – salmon filet, red cabbage, 1 glass red wine Thursday August 4, 2011 Breakfast – … Continue reading

Death by Social Networking

I had a blog. I loved it. My friends loved it. It took my life on a new, unusual trajectory. It made me fall in love with writing for the first time since I was a junior in college, sitting in the fifth-floor dome of Gilman Hall with a pen, a paper, and five Taco … Continue reading