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Bachelor Heaven

The big news, perhaps the biggest news that I’ve ever had, is that The Terrorist and I are on the verge of a “relationship”. On the heels of our last date, which was an act of total destruction on my part (including a perfectly-cooked French dinner, a couple bottles of wine, and surprise bacon cupcakery – recipe post coming tomorrow!), she pulled the trigger.

“Where exactly are we with this?”
“You mean, with us dating?”
“Yeah. How fast are we going?”
“It’s like we’re at this strange transition point, you know?”
“Yeah. So… I like you. I don’t want to date anybody else.”

I just nodded, taking in the words she had just said, that nobody had said to me with such impact and effect in years. “I’m glad you brought it up. I’ve been thinking about it all week. I worried about it being too soon, or going too fast, you know?”
“So what do you feel?”
“I feel good about us.”
“Me too.” I laughed, and suddenly I couldn’t stop. My cheeks ached.
“What?” she laughed in return, a bit nervous.
“I’m… really happy with you.”

My gut and my heart yelled at me, go go go, do this thing, don’t turn back, just go after her and show her yourself, don’t be ashamed of anything, just be genuine and you’ll keep turning her on, because this is how these things work. You’re not on a timeline, there’s no two-month rule or six-month rule, it just is. So I did. And for all my big talk about wanting to be a playboy pick-up artist and serial dater, The Terrorist is who I’ve been yearning after and dreaming about.

To test this theory, I decided to follow through with the first of two dates that I had already scheduled for this week, both of which are follow-ups from dates that had gone fairly well two weeks ago. Last night, I met The Lebowski Fan for a late drink after work, hoping that I would give her a chance and not daydream about The Terrorist for the entire date. And in truth, I was engaging and confident and funny and other things that I’m usually not. But god, was she dull. I couldn’t imagine, aside from her above-average looks, what ever prompted me to schedule this. Then she dropped the bombshell:

“I’m going on my first airplane flight next weekend.”
“Like, by yourself?”
“No, like ever.”
“Have you ever traveled outside the country?”
“We took a cruise to Cancun once.”

Check, please. I know, that makes me sound snobbish, but travel’s a big thing for me. Seeing the world and all that. And then I remembered how The Terrorist’s eyes lit up my dark bedroom when she told me she dreamed of going to Croatia and swimming in the Adriatic, and it made me smile. I’ve been doing it a lot recently.

Next time: Week 1 of Body by Science. Step by step: the dinner that made me happy.



2 thoughts on “Bachelor Heaven

  1. Congratulations!

    Posted by Debbie | September 20, 2011, 7:41 pm

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