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“Call Night”

This story is (sadly) in no way indicative of my residency experience. “Come on, page me,” she whispered. Her chapped lips were pressed against his cheek. “You know how weird this is,” he smirked. “Do it.” She bit the side of his neck, right under his earlobe. “Ow! I think you drew blood.” “No way! … Continue reading

Southern Vegetarian Thanksgiving

My sister: “Dude, the kids aren’t going to eat falafel and hummus. We’re going to need another theme.” Me: “How about Southern food?” My sister: “Like what?” Me: “We can make mac and cheese, corn muffins, red velvet cake…” My sister: “And deep fried everything! You might be on to something here.” Growing up vegetarian, … Continue reading

Sauce Boss

This Week in Food Debauchery: Gelato Quest 2011 began with dinner at my favorite Birmingham restaurant, Trattoria Centrale, a hip Italian joint in the middle of downtown with fantastic pizza, a tiny menu, and great prices. We topped it off with gelato in two of the five available flavors: vanilla and affogato (topped with fresh … Continue reading


Yes, I’m still in a relationship with The Terrorist. Don’t ask me how. The less I think about it the better. It’s possibly been the best three-month stretch of my life, rivaling my Jeopardy run, the end of med school, and the Original Paleo Challenge in which I lost 20 pounds and celebrated by gorging … Continue reading