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Yes, I’m still in a relationship with The Terrorist. Don’t ask me how. The less I think about it the better. It’s possibly been the best three-month stretch of my life, rivaling my Jeopardy run, the end of med school, and the Original Paleo Challenge in which I lost 20 pounds and celebrated by gorging on gourmet macarons in Paris.

No, the blog is not dead as a result. I plan to update it from now on, every couple days or so, and (in addition), re-activate my Twitter account in order to publicize the thing.

My goal is to repurpose the blog with several goals in mind:

1) Continue to follow my fitness goals and get-fit-quick schemes; right now it’s all strength training all the time, which has its merits in being able to bench and squat more than I ever have, but diet-wise, I’ve fallen off the wagon. Thankfully the two cancel each other out and I’m at 175 lbs with no real change in body fat. Unthankfully, my thighs don’t fit into my jeans anymore.

2) “Crowdsource” different story sketches/experiments which, in my own hands, would go in the Recycle Bin after getting bored with a paragraph or two

3) Post the occasional brilliant recipe or food porn escapade

4) Rant about any relationship drama that should befall me; my mood has been boringly steady and cheerful for the past month-and-a-half, and as any English professor will tell you, great writing is forged from the pain and misery of its authors…

So on the agenda for this week:

– “Gelato Quest 2011”: The Terrorist and I raid every gelato-selling establishment in Birmingham to find the undisputed champion.

– “Call Night”: A rough draft of the first few pages of a steamy-and-awkward residency romance story. Alright, it’s just an extended sex scene.

– My weightlifting progress, in spreadsheet form. Everybody loves spreadsheets.



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