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The Last Temptations

The Last Temptations Before started my official 30-Day Paleo Challenge next week, I had a few final indulgences to cross off my list. Kind of like the old sitcom cliché about the father who finds his kid smoking and forces him to smoke an entire carton to learn his lesson. Donuts. Pecan pie. Mac and … Continue reading

Bacon Truffles

Yes, friends, it was a week of culinary victory. The girl and I made not-so-Paleo frittatas as part of a checklist of cravings I can get out of the way before I embark on my 30-Day Challenge, about which I’m going to be totally serious this time. No half-assed sneaking of cheese or peanuts or … Continue reading

Gluten and Asthma

It hit me like the investigator at the end of “The Usual Suspects”, about two weeks into my initial experiment with the Paleo diet, in March of 2010. I hadn’t used my inhaler once since I started cutting grains out of my diet, and this was through 4-times-a-week CrossFit workouts that left me exhausted, making … Continue reading

Toothless Aggression

There seems to be an evolutionary link to everything. Just two days before my long-postponed wisdom tooth surgery, I stumbled upon this article on a Twitter feed, which basically correlates the hunter-gatherer diet to larger mandible size, insinuating that if I had lived a million years ago, I would have had *no* need to get … Continue reading