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Paleo Challenge Days 6 & 7: Living a Real Life

Jan 6, 2012 – Day 6
Lunch: Tandoori-spiced chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Workout: Deadlifts 260lbx5, 300lbx5, 340lbx9 / 62lb KB swings 3×10
Post-Workout: sweet potatoes, almond chicken and cauliflower rice
Dinner: lemon-caper chicken and mushroom/olive oil tossed spaghetti squash
Afters: Tequila-and-club soda x3
Future baby chickens consumed: 0 (30 total)
Sweet potato body count: 2 (4 total)
Inhaler puffs: 0 (4 so far this week)

Jan 7, 2012 – Day 7
Brunch: scrambled eggs, bacon, guacamole, salsa
Dinner: lemon-caper chicken and mushroom/olive oil tossed spaghetti squash
Second Dinner: pork shoulder, apples, celeriac puree, sausage-and-onions at Ollie Irene, with 2 glasses red wine.
Future baby chickens consumed: 5 (35 total)
Sweet potato body count: 0 (4 total)
Inhaler puffs: 0 (4 so far this week)

I’ve made it. One week of Paleo eating, no cheating, no giving into cravings for cheese or cake or cheesecake.

(Soon, my precious.)

And looking back at my goals for the challenge, there have been some interesting surprises:

1. Asthma and allergies: In 2011, especially in the winter, I would have *killed* for a week of only 4 inhaler puffs. I was probably averaging 7-10 per week from Halloween on. I know that I tend to wheeze after exercise (even walking), but the carryover has been huge. I’ve been able to spend hours and hours with my cat-dander-caked girlfriend and have only a bit of a sniffle as a result. Instead of, like, trying to die. Which has happened.

2. Blogging: A little tougher than I thought it would be. It takes me an hour or more to compose a post and figure out what I want to write about. But the more I work on this and the more I document, the more accountable I am to myself (and, really, to my readers, even though there aren’t a whole bunch right now.) And you never know when something’s going to go viral.

3. Exercise: The sprinting has… not gone according to plan. I did my runs on Day 1 and since then, I’ve been walking (not much) and lifting (pretty much on schedule, every other day). I do like the Wendler 5-3-1 program so far, especially being able to get out of the gym in 30 minutes. He does bill it as a slow-and-steady program, which I’m OK with, as long as I see little strength gains here and there.

Fitness Goals for 2012:
1 rep max squats – 315
1 rep max bench press – 255
1 rep max deadlift – 495
1 rep max shoulder press – 175 (or whatever my body weight is…)
also – deadhang pullup with girlfriend on my back
uphill sprints x10 without getting gassed

4. Living a normal life: Probably my biggest worry. My first fling with the Paleo diet was done within the confines, I guess, of my CrossFit gym, where post-workout snacks/date bars were always available, and whenever we went out after a WOD, we’d go somewhere with Paleo-friendly menu items, even if it meant Whole Foods over and over again. What I learned from this weekend is that it *is* possible to go out and party while still avoiding sugars, grains, and pesky allergens. Then again, this week has been very cushy at work, and for the next two weeks, I have a strict 8-5 (at the earliest) schedule and the many sugary temptations that come from working at a hospital, which ironically may be the unhealthiest place to work. Sooo basically, I need to bring my own food everyday.

Next time: Coconut flour fail. Pork chop win.



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