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Paleo Challenge Day 15: Bye Bye BPA

Sunday January 15, 2012 – Day 15
Lunch: Egg and sausage casserole leftovers, chicken breast strips fried in chili oil
Dinner: cashew chicken stir-fry in ginger/garlic/coconut milk sauce
Future baby chickens consumed: 4 (58 total)

Sweet potatoes consumed: 0 (12 total)
Inhaler puffs: 0 (1 in last 7 days)

BPA is everywhere! Panic panic panic! I love my dishwasher, but apparently putting Tupperware and plastic utensils in there over and over again is bad for you, and so is drinking water out of the same Aquafina bottle over and over and putting *that* in the dishwasher. Who knew? And even if they’re BPA-free (BPA = bisphenol A, a byproduct of plastic breakdown that has been implicated in everything from abnormal sexual development to obesity to breast cancer), there are other estrogens in plastic that could leach into your body and build up as a potential toxin over time. Plastic seems to be the new lead, something universal and awesome-on-the-surface that is starting to be looked at as dangerous and a public health hazard.

Look at that chunky mouse. He was exposed to BPA in utero. Blerg!

And cans! It’s in cans! I can’t win. I buy loads and loads of canned coconut milk, which is probably nowhere near as bad as buying acidic tomato sauce in cans, but I guess the time has come to hunt for large glass bottles/jars of coconut milk. Any leads?

What’s a poor microwaver and bulk food storer to do? My first defiant step was to throw out every plastic reusable container I had, along with my plastic plates and some of my plastic ladles that had been through the dishwasher many many times. I’m still not sure how to spatula an omelet in my non-stick pans if not with plastic. Maybe silicone? Even this is apparently not perfect. Maybe just steel and my cast-iron skillet?

The consensus is that it’s hard to be free of BPA or estrogenic-compounds altogether, but being conscientious about avoiding the exposure is about as good as you can hope for. Lots of glass and ceramics for storage purposes, and maybe even for bringing large yummy casseroles from the oven to the fridge to work for Beast Mode consumption. A Target trip is certainly in my future to invest in some cheap Pyrex bakeware and a couple silicone or metal cooking accessories.

Next time: the best chili ever?



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