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Paleo Challenge Day 16: Going Glass

Monday January 16, 2012 – Day 16
Workout: uphill sprints 150m x 5
Lunch: sweet potato; chicken breast and broccoli omelet with semi-homemade guacamole (avocado/salsa/lime in a blender)
Dinner: turkey chili with ham hocks (see below)
Future baby chickens consumed: 4 (62 total)

Sweet potatoes consumed: 1 (13 total)
Inhaler puffs: 1 (2 in last 7 days)

Chili Fail: Yesterday I touted the arrival of potentially the best chili ever made, before I ever got to tasting it. It had all the necessary ingredients: jalapenos, Tabasco sauce, chopped Italian tomatoes from a paper Tetra-Pak carton, fresh lime, chili powder, nutmeg, turkey, and a splash of tequila. And ham hocks. For those of you (like me, before yesterday) who don’t know, ham hocks are the special piggy joints between the calves and the ankles. They consist of loose skin, some meat, and some bone. Wikipedia says ” it requires long cooking through stewing or braising be made palatable”. Wonderful, I said. I’ll throw it in the crockpot with everything else and we’ll be golden. Ten hours of cooking later, I end up with bone chips and gooey half-cooked pieces of skin/cartilage swimming through my otherwise pitch-perfect chili. Well, they can’t all be winners. Note to self: no more ham hocks without proper supervision.

Target WIN!: the other major part of my night was a road trip to target to replace my BPA-heavy kitchen. Everything plastic in my kitchen, including my water filters and some old water bottles, have been through the dishwasher at least a half-dozen times, silently peppering me with plasticky estrogen-like compounds. So, silently humming “Taps” to myself, I tossed measuring spoons, plates, spatulas, and ladles into my trash can, in order to replace them with the following:
– a Pyrex storage system, perfect for microwaving leftover boneless chili ($8)
– an all-purpose silicone spatula, perfect for the egg-obsessed ($6)
– a new Brita 10-quart water jug, for the compulsive drinker ($24)
– a sturdy glass 2-quart casserole dish with a lid, ideal for meatloafs (meatloaves?) and dense egg-and-meat-and-veggie-and-cajun seasoning ‘kitchen sink’ creations ($6)

Weight Loss Rant: how much do I have to *EAT* to keep my size/strength (or increase my strength) on Paleo? I’m not as worried about fitness, since I can walk for an hour without getting gassed, and I could carry my girlfriend (or maybe even my mom) out of a burning building if need be. But I’d like to keep my weight around 180-185 if I can. This is, of course, contrary to every other rant I’ve had about wanting to see my abs and blah blah blah, which (I guess) would be nice, but I’m reminded of the one good scene in that terrible Steve Carell movie “Crazy Stupid Love”, where Emma Stone sees ripped Ryan Gosling shirtless for the first time and says, “Are you serious? It’s like your photoshopped,” and gets super-self-conscious about letting him see her naked.

Tomorrow: calorie counts for my past week’s meals, just out of curiosity. And I may start chugging a can of coconut milk a day, for kicks.

Cheers! (link and photo credit: joyfulabode.com)



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