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Paleo Challenge Day 19: Impulse Shopper

Thursday January 19, 2012 – Day 19

Pre-Workout: 3 eggs, scrambled with diced jalapeno and onion
Workout: squats 195×5, 220×3, 245×4
Post-Workout: 2 sweet potatoes, Thai red curry with chicken/cauliflower
Snack: Thai red curry with chicken/cauliflower
Dinner: chopped chorizo and Brussels sprouts stir-fry
Future baby chickens consumed: 3 (73 total)

Sweet potatoes consumed: 2 (17.5 total)
Inhaler puffs: 0 (1 in last 7 days)

I went a little crazy re-stocking my fridge/pantry last night and spent a good bit more than I wanted to at Whole Foods, but now I have actual food in my place, so it all works out. When I think about shopping for Paleo-friendly food, I break things down into four major groups, a la Robb Wolf: veggies/carbs, proteins, fats, and spices. Here’s what I ended up grabbing in each major group and what I plan to do with them:


Sweet potatoes, obviously. They had veiny purple ones for an extra 50 cents a pound, but I grabbed six smaller-sized “Japanese sweet potatoes”. They’re supposed to be denser, starchier, have a nutty flavor, and are white on the inside. Also good for frying, or so they say.

Green veggies: I might go back for some lettuce to wrap my burgers in (more on this later), but I like green veggies as a major carb source. Raw spinach is very filling, cheap, and full of iron and vitamin K. I also grabbed a lot of frozen broccoli and Brussels sprouts; frozen gets a bad rap, but most places are so good about flash-freezing nowadays that you don’t miss out on many of the nutrients (compared to 100% fresh). Thought about collard greens, but I don’t cook them well. I’m too impatient. They need to stew for hours and hours with some bacon and lots of spices to be done right.

Fat: This was *really* why I went to Whole Foods. I bought about 10 cans of coconut milk, a jar of coconut oil, a bottle of olive oil, and my favorite guilt-free snack, Nutiva Coconut Manna (kind of has an almond butter texture to it; amazing if you like coconut at all). Do I really plan on shotgunning a can of coconut milk everyday? Nah. But it’s a really versatile base for any cream sauce, as long as you add a lot of salt and spices to overcome the natural mellowness of the coconut milk. Oh, and avocadoes. They’re not quite ripe yet. Whole Foods does have a Paleo guacamole, but at $9.99 a pound, and considering how quickly I can go through a pound of guac, I’m better off making my own.

Spices: Salsa makes the world go round. Or, at least, they’re good for eggs and for a dry meatloaf or casserole to add a little kick. Read the labels, because several of them have sugar or corn starch as a major ingredient. But Whole Foods’ 365 brand was $4 for a 32 oz jar, cheaper than anything else on the shelf. Also, I’m in love with Cajun seasoning. I’ll put it on anything. Eggs, chicken, fish, veggies. My friend puts it on pizza, which I plan to do as soon as I start eating pizza again.

Protein: I got a little creative here, opting for something beyond my usual eggs, chicken breasts, eggs, bacon, and eggs. Yes, I bought 3 dozen. Yes, they’ll be gone by next week. I also grabbed a handful of chorizo sausages, remembering how amazing they were last time, and browsed the meat section for something low-risk and possibly high-reward:

Buffalo! There was a sample size (half a pound) of ground buffalo meat for $4, so I had to grab it. I think I’ll mix it up with spices, onions, almond meal, and make either meatballs or sliders. Tropical Traditions had a sale on grass-fed bison meat this week, but I figured I’d at least try a bit before I pull the trigger on a bulk purchase. Also, I found ground lamb meat on sale, and Paleo Comfort Foods has a bitchin’ recipe for a Shepherd’s Pie. This may need to happen ASAP.



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