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The War on Breakfast

I’ve been quite busy over the past two weeks, reintroducing a lot of ‘borderline’ and decidedly un-Paleo foods into my diet in a less-than-organized fashion. For those keeping score at home, I’m currently consuming: potatoes, high-fat dairy, chocolate, bourbon, peas, and little bits of sugar. I’m still not touching: rice, corn, bread, lentils, beer. (Not … Continue reading

The Dessert Scale and a Defense of Chick Peas

The amount of effort I put into my weightlifting, combined with my goal of getting stronger and not being too obsessed about putting on weight (still struggling with that one), allows me a bit of leeway in introducing some extra “fun” calories into my diet. In fact, it almost demands it. There are very few … Continue reading

My Sugary Valentine

Sometimes, as I learned this weekend, you just need to shut up and enjoy yourself. Then again, I wasn’t about to let a severe asthma attack creep in and ruin the fun, so I hopped off the Paleo Wagon for an evening and embraced everything grain-free. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, after all, a time … Continue reading

Confessions of a Carbophobe

Carbophobes are everywhere. They’re here to stay. They love to talk about glucose as if it were arsenic, and fructose as if it were nerve gas. I should know. I’m one of them, or at least, I was. Every time you eat a banana, God kills a kitten. You can fuel the earth with ketones … Continue reading

So Now What?

So now what? I’ve spent the past 30+ days eliminating grains and dairy and excess sugar from my diet. My asthma symptoms are plummeting. I lost a tiny bit of weight. But I’d really like to spend the next month safely snacking on the occasional piece or chocolate or cheese or deep-fried butteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!! Like I’ve mentioned, … Continue reading