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So Now What?

So now what? I’ve spent the past 30+ days eliminating grains and dairy and excess sugar from my diet. My asthma symptoms are plummeting. I lost a tiny bit of weight. But I’d really like to spend the next month safely snacking on the occasional piece or chocolate or cheese or deep-fried butteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!! Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve done the 30-day thing before, usually with a goal of losing weight or increasing my CrossFit-ness, and so it didn’t matter as much how I ended the challenge.

Day 31 was usually an “anything goes” party at the gym, replete with pastries and beer and pie and beer and wings and beer. I’d eat a trayful of cookies or half a cake, pound a couple beers, pass out on my couch, and feel like death the next morning. But is this the best way to break from a strict challenge? This post from robbwolf.com answered some of my questions perfectly. There’s always the militant option of sticking with Paleo, as strict as possible, for as long as possible, but I’m not too keen on that, and neither is the girl, who (as we previously mentioned) would be quite ticked if our romantic Valentine’s dinner involved cacao nibs, carob chips, or coconut flour. Also, I have an epic Valentine’s surprise for her, and it’s not 100% Paleo-friendly. Primal? Perhaps.

There’s the option of switching straight from Paleo to 80% Paleo, with cheat days/meals programmed in, in order to really appreciate those indulgences into ice cream or fudge or onion rings. But since allergies are my major concern, I’m going to try something a little bit different. Every few days or so, I’m going to test myself by reintroducing a food (or family of foods) into my diet, just to see how I do with it. Yesterday was my first foray into grass-fed butter, and while I feel a little sniffly and congested today, I’m going to blame that on snotty kids with RSV at the hospital, and not sweet sweet Kerrygold butter.

In a few days (Super Bowl Sunday), I’m going to dive into some high-fat dairy (cheese, sour cream), and then, chocolate. Also on the horizon are bourbon, potatoes, rice, and beer, probably in that order. If I start wheezing up a storm in the aftermath of any of these, then they’re off the table. My first hope is that staying away from gluten is going to be the end result of all this, and I can have a fairly full diet, just avoiding wheat. My second hope is that my asthma stays calm enough that instead of tallying puffs per week, I’ll be able to treat it more like a migraine diary and make notes about what I did/ate/drank prior to each individual attack.

Next time: Part 1 of my review of The Perfect Health Diet. Carbohydrates. A touchy subject.



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