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My Sugary Valentine

Sometimes, as I learned this weekend, you just need to shut up and enjoy yourself. Then again, I wasn’t about to let a severe asthma attack creep in and ruin the fun, so I hopped off the Paleo Wagon for an evening and embraced everything grain-free. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, after all, a time for chocolate, wine, and of course, a dozen roses. Made of bacon.

Determined to splurge on dinner as if we were out at a fancy restaurant, but without the actual hassle of waiting for a table or not being able to make out during dinner if the spirit so moved us, we raided Whole Foods for relatively expensive items with which to create a multi-course feast:

Bacon roses with brown sugar
English cheddar cheese

Main course
Pan-seared pork chop with truffle butter
Tomato and Greek olive relish
Roasted mini potatoes with rosemary, thyme, and cheddar cheese
Brussels sprouts fried with bacon

Starbucks Java Mint Chip ice cream

We also pounded a bottle of moderately-priced Pinot Noir from Oregon, which may have been worth the $20-ish dollars we paid for it (not that I’m a wine snob — if it’s red, I’ll drink it — but this was terrific). It was pretty epic, not to mention grain-free. And an added perk: even through to the next morning, my lungs were behaving perfectly. This makes me think it’s the gluten, and not the carbs or the sugar or the dairy, that have the main effect of triggering my asthma. But we’ll see.

Weak: All the more reason to bolster my daily calories by any safe means available, my second cycle with the Jim Wendler 5-3-1 training program hit a bit of a snag. Just because you increase the weight each time doesn’t mean you’re going to get stronger each time. Diet is key. And last month, I was not eating nearly enough to progress with the weightlifting. What did I expect? I lost six pounds last month. Well, things are going to change a little bit. I’m redoubling my efforts to take in at least 2500 calories a day, while still limiting the carbs to 100-150g of starch/sugars and doing about the same with grams of protein per day.

The impetus for this was a shoulder press of 115 lbs to be done to failure. Six weeks ago, I hit 10 reps. This time? 9. And I struggled after rep 7. So I’m a bit disappointed. Not gonna lie, though, every time I eat a bit more than my usual, I scrutinize myself in the mirror a bit more than usual. I’m going to have to make a decision on whether I really want to get stronger, and if so, whether I’m willing to let a little pinch of extra fat come along for the ride, despite adhering to intermittent fasting *and* a Primal and/or Perfect Health Diet *and* walking/sprinting on a regular basis.

Next time: The Perfect Health Diet on Protein. How much is too much?



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