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Guilt by Association

To sum up the past week in a few words: I’ve needed to know where my inhaler is at all times.

And just when I thought I had this thing beat, or at least well-maintained, there’s been a gradual change for the worse with my asthma over the past month, and I’m pretty sure I know what to blame it on. (Food.) And it’s not *just* the wheezing. I feel a little more sniffly and congested, my chest feels a little bit junky most of the time, and I tire out from exercise a *tiny* bit faster than I’m used to. Not to say my performance has suffered. I’m still making slow and steady strength gains, and I can still walk a mile-and-change to work without getting gassed. But I’ve been less than perfect with my diet, and probably not even at the 80:20 maintenance goal, what with chocolate or bourbon becoming an every-other-day indulgence, and a couple of scheduled gluten bombs (including wedding cake Friday night at a reception).

There are two big milestones that I’m trying to plan my dietary / exercise changes around:

1) Anti-Paleo Weekend with my family in New Jersey. Lots of carbohydrates, lots of sugar, no meat. I’m going to do my best to stick to the good fats and good starches from Perfect Health Diet (rice, butter, high-fat dairy products like Greek yogurt, load up on the vegetables) and avoid gluten and unsprouted lentils as much as I can. But I can’t guarantee that a cheesecake slice or two won’t sneak their way in. Wait, is there a gluten-free cheesecake on the menu? Searching… maybe! The Godiva chocolate cake! “Flourless… and topped with chocolate mousse”! Yes, please. Alright, I have a battle plan.

That long weekend (April 6-8) will probably be the last stand of junk food or straying from the Paleo-Primal model. So what am I going to cut out? Anything that I suspect would make me wheeze, feel heavy, or actually put on weight. Fries are out. Bourbon is out. Big gobs of cheese are out. This gives me two weeks of potato-fueled conditioning and performance training for:

2) Warrior Dash! Yup, April 21st is my second annual foray into the mud running, car climbing, fire leaping, helmet-wearing fun. And I plan on kicking ass. To that end, April 9-20 will be my 12 Days of CrossFit challenge, wherein I’ll be setting aside the pure weightlifting and doing some old-fashioned WODs like burpees-for-time, Fran, bear complexes, and of course, plenty of uphill sprints. I’ll be a lean, mean, turkey-leg-gnawing machine.

(The definitive post-Warrior Dash meal.)



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