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The Hurricane’s Revenge

My discovery over the weekend was this: not *only* can a bad diet cancel out a rigorous workout regimen, but if it’s bad enough, it can overshadow it. I’ve been pretty active these past 2-3 weeks. Working out just about everyday, whether it’s a weightlifting session or a brief metabolic-conditioning workout (50 burpees for time, uphill sprints, 100 KB swings for time, so on.) And I’ve averaged 2-3 miles of walking per day.

On the other hand, I’ve been eating big sandwiches, drinking sugary drinks, and downing chocolate by the handful. Which side won? You guessed it. Now not everyone may be as sensitive to diet indulgences as I am, and not everyone indulges quite like I do (I’ve been known to hoover an entire large pizza and 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s on a carb binge), but the end result of May’s birthday and beach debauchery is that I’m heavier (186 lbs) than I have been at any point since I turned 30. I have the briefest beginnings of a belly. And my 32-year-old body isn’t nearly as forgiving of sugars or responsive to intense workouts as my 29-year-old body was. I’ve even been sleeping 8 hours a night, but it hasn’t done me a lick of good.

So next week (after a couple of last-hurrah beer fundraisers at Avondale Brewery) is going to bring on a *new* Paleo Challenge with a slightly different goal. I know my asthma’s going to get better for as long as I stick with the strict diet (somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks), but for the month of June, I’m focused on regaining my conditioning and getting back to about 175 lbs. In the back of my mind, I still have those long-term strength goals in mind, like deadlifting 405lb x5 reps, squatting 275 x1, benching 225 x5, and doing some handstand push-ups. And this thing:

(courtesy beastskills.com)

Today’s big goal is to take a break from everything and get a long fast in. After some great pork chops, sweet potatoes, bourbon, and a Kahlua almost-ice cream shooter last night, I’ve been thriving on coffee and water all day. This may continue until my weightlifting workout tomorrow afternoon (so 40 hours altogether), at which point I’ll be sure to gorge on everything in the house. Hide the chocolate now.



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