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The Beauty of Data Collection

I love data. I love spreadsheets and calculations and numbers. I love statistical significance, p-values and T-tests. How is this relevant to CrossFit Football? Well, I’ve been at it for a month, and I’ve been keeping a meticulous log of a bunch of different variables to figure out the ideal combination of modifiable factors in … Continue reading

From Bench Research to Bench Press

So I found a fascinating article the other day, only I can’t remember where I found it and why I downloaded it. It’s by Michael Rennie and it’s called “Body maintenance and repair: how food and exercise keep the musculoskeletal system in good shape.” Ooh, here’s a link. I figured it would be dense in … Continue reading

Gorilla Arms

I’ve decided to make excuses for my continued crummy attempts at power cleans, handstand pushups, and most of the other workout elements that CrossFit loves disproportionately. Most people have a height that’s about equal to their armspan. Look at Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian ManĀ (above), the classic drawing of ideal human proportion. A circle. Not … Continue reading

Dairy Week

I’m pretty giddy about Crossfit Football after 10 short days. I feel like I’ve lifted more frequently and more successfully than I have in any other two-week stretch since quitting the old gym. And Tuesday’s Fight-Gone-Bad-style WOD (40 secs on / 20 secs off of pullups, dumbbell thrusters, and other torture devices) brought me back … Continue reading

One Week With Crossfit Football

So as part of my next, newest experiment with fitness and nutrition, I’ve embarked on the CrossFit Football program, meant to turn me into a powerful athlete slowly but surely, as long as I stick with the tenets of eating lots of clean meat/starches, lifting 4 days a week, resting, and bringing intensity to the … Continue reading


“You have to tell me if I start turning orange.” ——————————————————————————————– Here was my weekend in preparation for the clean food deluge that was destined to visit my stomach, on my first go with Crossfit Football: Saturday evening: purchased 3lb organic chicken breasts, a few cans of coconut milk (king of the calorie-boosters), 2 packs … Continue reading