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A Ton of Food

400 pounds, 5 reps. That’s a ton of weight, literally and figuratively. That was my deadlift assignment for the Crossfit Football workout this afternoon. It wasn’t so long ago that this was my *one*-rep max, but I felt ready. Then I started thinking about how slippery the bar was, even with all the chalk I … Continue reading

Crockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken

Sadly, there’s no picture. That’s how quickly this recipe got devoured. This is going to be (I think) the start of a weekly tradition of using the slow-cooker to make pounds and pounds of meat in one afternoon, experimenting with different flavor combinations instead of the same old weekly coconut milk and green curry. Not … Continue reading

The Rice Experiment

Where have I been the past couple weeks? Eating a lot of rice, in order to prove a point to myself. Either it was going to make a minimal and negligible difference in my performance, strength, and overall body composition, or it was going to slowly congeal me. I’ve been substituting it in for about … Continue reading