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Fat Overdose

Week 2 of Carb-Backloading is complete, and while putting my clothes on this morning, I noticed two things. One, my shoulders are HUGE. My dress shirt, which fit perfectly a few weeks ago, is now pinching my shoulders in and threatening to tear every time I bend down to tie my shoes. Not the worst … Continue reading

One Week on CBL

I’m already seeing results! Not yet with my strength (and then again, it’s only been a week), but my dress pants are noticeably looser around the waist (measuring, I’m doing 1/2 inch at the most). My shoulders and chest look slightly more defined. If my crude body fat measurements are true, I dropped a pound … Continue reading

My Carb Backloading Sample Diet, v2.0

Here goes nothing. After questioning the sanity of attempting yet another odd fitness-and-nutrition experiment, only to potentially bail on it 2-3 months later due to a perceived lack of results, I went all in on Carb Backloading this Sunday and Monday. Here is my daily food-and-activity dairy for Sunday (a rest day) and Monday (a … Continue reading

You’re Doing It Wrong

Muscle gain *and* fat loss at the same time? Can you have it all? Physicist-turned-fitness guru John Kiefer says you can. His semi-new Carb Backloading program, which is being talked about by everyone from Robb Wolf (“it’s the triple point of health, longevity, and perfomance”) to Arnold Schwarzenegger (some story about he and Franco Columbu … Continue reading

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The name of the game is testosterone. It builds muscle mass, burns fat, increases bone density and virility, and stabilizes blood pressure (at physiologic levels). How to increase it? Like we’ve found out in older posts, the answer is 1) sleep, 2) eat a lot of saturated fat, and 3) do brief intense exercise. Wellp, … Continue reading