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One Week on CBL

I’m already seeing results! Not yet with my strength (and then again, it’s only been a week), but my dress pants are noticeably looser around the waist (measuring, I’m doing 1/2 inch at the most). My shoulders and chest look slightly more defined. If my crude body fat measurements are true, I dropped a pound of fat and put on 0.7 pounds of muscle.

Is the program sustainable? For the most part. Just for a sample, here are a couple of my daily logs of how I’m managing the CBL schedule. It hasn’t been that bad, especially when I get good sleep. When I sleep for 8-9 hours, I’m not hungry in the morning, and a cup of coffee with heavy cream (or two) gives me energy until lunchtime.

Thursday REST
0645 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
0830 bacon strips (20gF/0gC/10gP)
0845 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1200 egg salad, pimiento cheese (34gF/0gC/20gP)
1345 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1600 chik verde + squash (50gF/10gC/50gP)
2100 8-egg frittata (72gF/10gC/64gP)
Total – 202gF / 20gC / 144gP = 2474 calories

830 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1030 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1330 Salad (85gF/10gC/46gP)
1640 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1700 lift
1830 sp,whey (0gF/90gC/50gP)
1900 cookies, chips (32gF/55gC/8gP)
2030 potato, pork chop (40gF/90gC/60gP)
2130 pumpkin bar (12gF/25gC/2gP)
Total – 214gF / 260gC / 166gP = 3750 calories

Saturday REST
730 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1230 bacon and eggs (36gF/0gF/46gP)
1300 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1500 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1700 pork loin (30gF/10gC/70gP)
2030 pumpkin seeds (15gF/4gC/4gP)
Total – 126gF / 14gC / 120gP = 1700 calories

0745 coffee with cream (15gF/0gC/0gP)
1250 bacon and eggs (50gF/0gF/46gP)
1700 lift
1830 sp,whey (0gF/90gC/50gP)
1930 half shepherd’s pie (30gF/40gC/60gP)
2030 pumpkin chocolate bars (40gF/210gC/10gP)
Total – 135gF / 340gC / 166gP = 3359 calories

Two things I like the most about CBL:

1) The results! At least early on, they’re speaking for themselves.

2) The opportunity to fine-tune/dial-in if things aren’t working. I’m thinking about the 10-day low-carb buy-in period, which I opted not to do, but after gorging on pies this Thanksgiving (an all-pie menu is the theme for the weekend, and maybe another pimiento cheese turkey), I think I’ll be sufficiently motivated.

Two things I still struggle with:

1) Macronutrient ratios. The logic of the backload tells me that I should stick most of my fat intake into the first half of the day, but for someone my size/metabolism, that means 150g in 6-8 hours. Not as easy as it seems, friends. That’s a lot of cream or coconut milk in the coffee. And chugging pure coconut milk makes my lips tingle and my chest tighten. Maybe it’s the can?

2) Sources of concentrated high-glycemic carbs. I know. I should just nut up, stop worry about “whole, natural, gluten-free foods” and just pound some cake or cookies on a backload. I’ll get there. Tonight’s dinner is pizza and the remainder of The Terrorist’s fantastic pumpkin chocolate bars. That should get me flirting with 4000 calories on a heavy squat day.

Back next week for more results!



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