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Fat Overdose

Week 2 of Carb-Backloading is complete, and while putting my clothes on this morning, I noticed two things. One, my shoulders are HUGE. My dress shirt, which fit perfectly a few weeks ago, is now pinching my shoulders in and threatening to tear every time I bend down to tie my shoes. Not the worst problem in the world. If my crude measurements are accurate, I’ve put on about 5 pounds of muscle and 0.5 pounds of fat these two weeks, with such decadent and cute desserts as this (courtesy, Target!):


Now that I’ve learned to make basic buttercream frosting (milk, butter and powdered sugar, what could be better?), cupcakes of various sorts may be a staple of the backloading sessions. As far as training goes, my strength is OK, especially my bench and shoulder press numbers this week. I’m going to finish off as many workouts as I can with a few hill sprints, despite its potential detriment on my squat/deadlift numbers (do 3-4 sprints really count as another leg workout?)

So now I’m creeping up to just under 200 pounds, and despite my waist and neck measurements being the same as when I was 187-190 (a good thing, it’s all going to my upper body and my thighs), I’m not sure if I *want* to be on this trajectory for much longer. Let’s look at the numbers. I’m eating 300-330 grams of carbs per backload. Maybe I should cut this down a bit. Then again, I’m putting on muscle, which I guess is the goal of the carbs, so let’s not tinker with that. I probably *should* tinker with the liberal fat addition to my diet, which is bumping my average daily calorie intake up to 2900 PER DAY. Way too much, I think. I’d love to get under 2000 on my rest days, then use the extra carbs to shoot up to 3500 on lifting days. 2000 calories – 100 from 25g carbs and 600 from 150g protein = 145g fat. I’ve been averaging 175. Goodbye, heavy cream in every single coffee. (By the way, so much for needing 1.5-2g of protein per pound per day to build muscle, huh?)

Where to go from here? I think that in the next three weeks, I’d like to eat a little less fat on rest days, walk a little more in general now that it’s a brisk 37 degress, and cut down to about 190 lbs. Update next week (unless I find a badass recipe I just HAVE to share).




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