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Operation 200

Yup, it happened. I hit the big 200-pound mark on the scale at work this morning, after what I swear will be my last chunk of pre-Thanksgiving carbs: some post-workout rice, a big bowl of tortellini, and some (highly-recommended) Ben & Jerry’s Mud Pie Ice Cream. But I woke up in the morning feeling a little stuffed. This was confirmed by the scale and by my crude body fat analysis, which says that I put on 1 lb of muscle but 2.5 lb of fat in the past week. So what went wrong?

Culprit #1: Macronutrient ratios. I try to get enough protein (1g/lb lean body mass – I’ve been eating right under 150g/day and I have 160-ish of muscle on me), but the carbs and fat grams are up in the air. This week, I averaged 172g fat per day, 355g carbs per backload, and just under 3000 calories. If I dropped the fat grams to 150 per day, I’d drop 200 calories per day on average. If I went to 125, I’d get to 2550, which should be decent for maintaining my muscle and losing a bit of weight.

Culprit #2: Booze. I did average over one drink per week for the third straight week, and that can’t be helping the fat-burning much, despite sticking to low- and no-carb liquors.

Culprit #3: Carb Backloading. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right. No carbs before, big carb load right after, continued starchy/sugary carbs the rest of the night (with increasing amounts of fat). But I did start to become a little skeptical about the Holy Grail of simultaneous fat-burning and muscle-gain. Yes, I put on muscle this past month (7 lbs.) But I also put on a bit of fat (2 lbs). Maybe it’s not possible to get the ideal results without micromanaging the supplements (i.e. pure glucose powder after a lift, as opposed to rice).

Seeing as how I have gotten all the way to 200, and seeing as how I have a 4-day pigout looming at my mom’s place in New Jersey next week, I’m going to take the next 8 days to cut the carbs out almost completely (a Carb-Nite / 4-Hour Body approach), take a break from weightlifting, and walk as much as I can.



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