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The Post Thanksgiving Purge

I survived. Thanksgiving was a crazy, exciting, whirlwind, mostly meat-free*, sugar-bomb of a weekend with my strict vegetarian family. My sister and I made jalapeno poppers and tacos for the kids, with fried chili tofu and grilled veggies aside from the usual beans/cheese/salsa. There was much pie and brownie action. And on my one night out to see old buddies from med school, I chowed down on tuna tartare and pounded some sake and Korean sweet potato vodka, desperately requiring a bit of booze and a bit of animal protein to keep me sane.

I didn’t put on much weight at all by the scale. In fact, not any, though I look a tiny bit rounder than I did a week ago. But my joints/muscles feel a bit stiff and my asthma was out of control: 2-3 puffs a day for the past week. Every little thing seemed to set off my wheezing, from a heavy serving of pie to a quick race up the stairs with my cousin. Based on all this information, I’m going to slow things down over the next two weeks.

Last year around this time, I went on a strict Paleo diet for a month and it did wonders for my allergies/asthma. This time, I’m going to see if 2 weeks (12 days to be exact) can have a similar sort of effect. I’m taking off from weightlifting, cutting down on the booze (1 big drink per day, max), and getting back to the basics. Meat, veggies, good fats. Little-to-no dairy, minimal fruit, minimal starches. This way, I also get to incorporate the ‘loading phase’ of the Carb-Backloading Protocol (essentially, 10 days of low-carb eating culminating in a high-carb binge at the end).

The way I measure it, this should take about 40 meals to accomplish. So far, I’m 6 meals in:

– Sunday dinner – pan-seared salmon and broccoli, all drenched in olive oil and Tony Chachere’s
– Monday (and Tuesday) breakfast – 4 hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce
– Monday lunch – fish taco and shrimp taco (minus the taco) from a new food truck (Off The Hook) near my hospital. Look how pretty:

– Monday dinner (+ Tuesday Lunch) – experimental chili with a package of ground buffalo, an onion, broccoli, garlic, tomato paste, hot sauce and almond meal, all put on medium high in a saucepan for 30-45 minutes. Seasoned it with lime, cinnamon, and Tony’s at the end. 2.5 stars, good not great.

So I’d like to prove that I can successfully ‘reboot’ my immune system with 2 weeks of clean eating as opposed to an entire month. I’d also like to test the Kiefer theory of ‘entering ketosis’ or priming your body for using ketones for fuel, by cutting carb use for the next 10 days. I’m crossing my fingers. My only planned physical activity during this time will be walking and twice-a-day stretching sessions, but I’m not going to pass up a run or the chance to lift something heavy. In that sense, it’s going to be pure Primal Blueprint.



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