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Operation 200

Yup, it happened. I hit the big 200-pound mark on the scale at work this morning, after what I swear will be my last chunk of pre-Thanksgiving carbs: some post-workout rice, a big bowl of tortellini, and some (highly-recommended) Ben & Jerry’s Mud Pie Ice Cream. But I woke up in the morning feeling a … Continue reading

The Dessert Scale and a Defense of Chick Peas

The amount of effort I put into my weightlifting, combined with my goal of getting stronger and not being too obsessed about putting on weight (still struggling with that one), allows me a bit of leeway in introducing some extra “fun” calories into my diet. In fact, it almost demands it. There are very few … Continue reading

Large and In Charge

So after several up-and-down not-as-fun-as-they-should-have-been months of trying to get lean and burn fat (“Why? Where?”, as one of my friends quizzically asked me), the time has come to lift some damn weights. Grrr. There is extensive science and method to this, as there is everywhere, and like I’ve mentioned before, there are a dozen … Continue reading

All I Really Want Is Goals

All I Really Want Is Goals Airplane flights are really the best time to re-evaluate your goals. You’re sitting there, often by yourself, usually having done something extravagant or out-of-character that has forced you to question the trajectory of your life on a whole. I’m thinking about the Vegas loser who has gambled away his … Continue reading

Critical Mass

I’m 5’8” (with the right shoes on), 164 pounds. I look… pretty good. Very good, maybe. I get it. But I’m also a perfectionist, an obsessive tinkerer, and a former chunky teenager who *never* had the body of an 18-year-old, even as an 18-year-old. While I’m happy that I look the way I look, I … Continue reading

Demo Mode

“What if I were a vegan, and I insisted we only go to pure vegan restaurants together? At least you’d still have the opportunity to grab a chicken sandwich with a friend, and you’d do it, often. But what if we got to the point where ate all of our meals together, and you were … Continue reading

Kettlebell Swinger

Day 32 – Thursday June 30 Workout – 75kb swings at 53lb (in 2 sets! 46 and 29) Breakfast – salmon filet, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – 6 eggs, salad Dinner – green chicken curry with cauliflower Day 33 – Thursday July 1 Breakfast – 6 eggs, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – Moe’s chicken fajita … Continue reading

Ask Not For Whom The “Clock Gone Bad” Tolls

It tolls for Crossfit. Day 3 Workout: Tabata squats (1 set of 8 cycles) Breakfast: 6 eggs, salsa, spinach Workout: See Below. Lunch: Sweet Potato and Turkey Sausage, Green Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Dinner: Moe’s Chicken Fajita (no tortillas) I texted my friend Shera (who quit Crossfit a couple days ago), still wobbly and dehydrated … Continue reading