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The Post Thanksgiving Purge

I survived. Thanksgiving was a crazy, exciting, whirlwind, mostly meat-free*, sugar-bomb of a weekend with my strict vegetarian family. My sister and I made jalapeno poppers and tacos for the kids, with fried chili tofu and grilled veggies aside from the usual beans/cheese/salsa. There was much pie and brownie action. And on my one night … Continue reading

Adventures in Grilling

It’s that time again, folks. Day 1 of a whole new Paleo Challenge is complete. The combination of my slowly-increasing weight, my slowly-worsening asthma, and my mysteriously-shrinking pants is forcing my hand a little bit, and so for the next 2-4 weeks, I’m going hardcore. No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no potatoes, no booze … Continue reading

Guilt Trip

The unbearable guilt! The cumulative effects of a very non-Paleo month had left me feeling and looking a little flabby (186 lbs, 19% body fat), so a series of wildly drastic get-fit-quick plans rushed through my head. Work out three times a day! Sprints every morning! No carbs! No liquor! All easier said than done. … Continue reading

Burger of the Day

My “old man” dinner last night was a rabid clustering of every low-carb high-fat ingredient in my fridge, throwing them together in a pan to break an unexpected fast of sorts. A long lunch meeting at work turned out *not* to have any lunch at all. Just coffee and fruit. Blerg. So aside from my … Continue reading

Carb Backloading Experiment Day 5 & 6

A quick update while I slog through my 14th consecutive day of work before a much-needed break: My ground buffalo arrived from Tropical Traditions! Soon (very soon), I’m going to experiment with giant 1-lb burgers with various flavors and seasonings. #1: a Thai red curry burger, just because I need to finish off the big … Continue reading

Pay The Cost To Be The Boss

A little thought experiment, as I lunch on some non-organic soy-and-grain-fed chicken thighs full of omega-6’s and sip on generic mycotoxin-laden coffee with half-and-half from rBST-treated factory-farmed cows: How much would a perfect diet cost? What if I were willing to pay for the best of everything? I’m not, by the way. A couple caveats: … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Days 20 and 21: Asthma Data

Day 20 – Friday January 20 Breakfast: 6 hardboiled eggs, spinach, pecans Lunch: coconut manna, lemon artichoke chicken, broccoli with tomato sauce Dinner: Thai chicken curry with broccoli Future baby chickens consumed: 6 (74 total) Sweet potatoes consumed: 0 (17.5 total) Inhaler puffs: 0 (1 in last 7 days) Day 21 – Saturday January 21 … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Day 19: Impulse Shopper

Thursday January 19, 2012 – Day 19 Pre-Workout: 3 eggs, scrambled with diced jalapeno and onion Workout: squats 195×5, 220×3, 245×4 Post-Workout: 2 sweet potatoes, Thai red curry with chicken/cauliflower Snack: Thai red curry with chicken/cauliflower Dinner: chopped chorizo and Brussels sprouts stir-fry Future baby chickens consumed: 3 (73 total) Sweet potatoes consumed: 2 (17.5 … Continue reading