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Macadamia Nutjob

Last weekend derailed my momentum a little bit. Every few months, I visit my (strictly vegetarian) family in DC or New Jersey and go carb- and sugar- and gluten-crazy. Is there a way to get stronger and build muscle on a purely vegetarian diet? Possibly. It would take a lot of eggs, a lot of … Continue reading

The Lure of Perfectionism

What can I, or anyone, *expect* from the Paleo Diet, in my case a simple 3 or 4 weeks of it? You avoid the sugars and the grains, you eat under 100g carbs per day, you stay active, you eat grass-fed ruminants and wild-caught fish… and then what? What’s the end point? At what point … Continue reading

The Hurricane’s Revenge

My discovery over the weekend was this: not *only* can a bad diet cancel out a rigorous workout regimen, but if it’s bad enough, it can overshadow it. I’ve been pretty active these past 2-3 weeks. Working out just about everyday, whether it’s a weightlifting session or a brief metabolic-conditioning workout (50 burpees for time, … Continue reading

New Orleans: A Food Photo Journal

Last weekend was the gluttonous celebration of both my birthday and The Terrorist’s birthday, and a luxurious sweltering trip to New Orleans was just what we both needed. To down Hurricanes and Sazeracs and stumble down narrow decrepit streets in a fog, to avoid projectile beads being flung from Bourbon St balconies, and to fall … Continue reading

Lessons From 10 Days of CBL

Well, it’s done. Ten days of “earning” my carbohydrates through hard work and heavy lifting. Has it made a difference? I can’t tell based on strength or conditioning, since I’ve only gone through one cycle of lifting, but I feel like my jeans are a little looser in the hips, and I can see my … Continue reading

Guilt by Association

To sum up the past week in a few words: I’ve needed to know where my inhaler is at all times. And just when I thought I had this thing beat, or at least well-maintained, there’s been a gradual change for the worse with my asthma over the past month, and I’m pretty sure I … Continue reading

My Sugary Valentine

Sometimes, as I learned this weekend, you just need to shut up and enjoy yourself. Then again, I wasn’t about to let a severe asthma attack creep in and ruin the fun, so I hopped off the Paleo Wagon for an evening and embraced everything grain-free. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, after all, a time … Continue reading

Bacon Truffles

Yes, friends, it was a week of culinary victory. The girl and I made not-so-Paleo frittatas as part of a checklist of cravings I can get out of the way before I embark on my 30-Day Challenge, about which I’m going to be totally serious this time. No half-assed sneaking of cheese or peanuts or … Continue reading

Bachelor Heaven

The big news, perhaps the biggest news that I’ve ever had, is that The Terrorist and I are on the verge of a “relationship”. On the heels of our last date, which was an act of total destruction on my part (including a perfectly-cooked French dinner, a couple bottles of wine, and surprise bacon cupcakery … Continue reading

South Indian Food Porn

In honor of my recent carb-a-licious trip to New York, we take a break from our regularly-scheduled girl-whinings and fitness-ramblings to present: South Indian Food Porn. My family is from a city on the Southeastern coast of India called Chennai, where the culture, the language, and the food are completely different from the more common … Continue reading