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Carb Backloading Experiment – Day 1

In order to give one last whirl to such things as intermittent fasting, cheat day gorging, and super-low-carb eating in general, I’m putting myself through a 10-day experiment with The Carb Backloading Plan. You’ll see the rules and goals of the program as I go through my day chronologically. Why 10 days? Because each of … Continue reading

Caveman On The Go

Jan 5, 2012 – Day 5 Brunch: plain omelet, (coconut) cream-of-spinach soup Dinner: turkey chili and spaghetti squash (below) Future baby chickens consumed: 5 (30 total) Sweet potato body count: 2 (2 total) Inhaler puffs: 0 (4 so far this week) The girl and I wistfully explored the idea of a Paleo food truck, or … Continue reading