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The Cortisol Files is now Bachelor HELL. A little angrier and broodier, with all the exquisite grammar and obscure pop culture references you have grown to tolerate. What happened to the old posts? I’m trying to salvage them from the scrap heap, as it were. My favorite, “Nail Polish Remover” (about the dinner party that … Continue reading

Carbs and Kisses

[Forgive my lack of compulsiveness. I’ve neglected to write down or measure or pinch anything related to 4-HB this week. My diet’s been on point; lots of omelettes, salmon, and Moe’s chicken fajitas. I experimented with the 62-lb kettlebells, with rousing success. I unapologetically ate two giant sweet potatoes for breakfast that day. It felt … Continue reading

Remedial Dating Strategies

Round 2, Day 5 – Friday July 22 Breakfast: 6 eggs, spinach Lunch: red curry chicken with cauliflower Dinner: salmon filet, cauliflower Afters: about a bottle of red wine Round 2, Day 6 – Saturday July 23 Breakfast: 6 eggs, cauliflower Workout: incline bench (155lb, 3 sets of 5), weighted pullups (55lb, 3 sets of … Continue reading

Demo Mode

“What if I were a vegan, and I insisted we only go to pure vegan restaurants together? At least you’d still have the opportunity to grab a chicken sandwich with a friend, and you’d do it, often. But what if we got to the point where ate all of our meals together, and you were … Continue reading

Kettlebell Swinger

Day 32 – Thursday June 30 Workout – 75kb swings at 53lb (in 2 sets! 46 and 29) Breakfast – salmon filet, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – 6 eggs, salad Dinner – green chicken curry with cauliflower Day 33 – Thursday July 1 Breakfast – 6 eggs, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – Moe’s chicken fajita … Continue reading


Day 18 – June 16, 2011 Breakfast: salmon filet, spinach, macadamias Lunch: green curry chicken with cauliflower Dinner: 6-egg omelette with salsa Other: 2 glasses red wine Day 19 – June 17, 2011 Workout: Tabata running-up-the-stairs (got to 17th floor, fantastic!) Breakfast: salmon filet, cabbage, macadamias Lunch: Moe’s chicken fajita with guac Dinner: green curry … Continue reading

Nail Polish Remover

Day 12 – June 10, 2011 Workout: Tabata kettlebell swings 35# Breakfast: salmon filet with spinach 2nd Breakfast: 3-egg omelette with peppers, onions Lunch: Cobb salad at Panera Dinner: 3 “egg cupcakes” with salsa filling and guacamole “frosting”, 2 glasses wine. Day 13 – June 11, 2011 Breakfast: 6 eggs, spinach, kimchi Workout: power clean … Continue reading

Ask Not For Whom The “Clock Gone Bad” Tolls

It tolls for Crossfit. Day 3 Workout: Tabata squats (1 set of 8 cycles) Breakfast: 6 eggs, salsa, spinach Workout: See Below. Lunch: Sweet Potato and Turkey Sausage, Green Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Dinner: Moe’s Chicken Fajita (no tortillas) I texted my friend Shera (who quit Crossfit a couple days ago), still wobbly and dehydrated … Continue reading