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You’re Doing It Wrong

Muscle gain *and* fat loss at the same time? Can you have it all? Physicist-turned-fitness guru John Kiefer says you can. His semi-new Carb Backloading program, which is being talked about by everyone from Robb Wolf (“it’s the triple point of health, longevity, and perfomance”) to Arnold Schwarzenegger (some story about he and Franco Columbu … Continue reading

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

The name of the game is testosterone. It builds muscle mass, burns fat, increases bone density and virility, and stabilizes blood pressure (at physiologic levels). How to increase it? Like we’ve found out in older posts, the answer is 1) sleep, 2) eat a lot of saturated fat, and 3) do brief intense exercise. Wellp, … Continue reading

A Ton of Food

400 pounds, 5 reps. That’s a ton of weight, literally and figuratively. That was my deadlift assignment for the Crossfit Football workout this afternoon. It wasn’t so long ago that this was my *one*-rep max, but I felt ready. Then I started thinking about how slippery the bar was, even with all the chalk I … Continue reading

The Rice Experiment

Where have I been the past couple weeks? Eating a lot of rice, in order to prove a point to myself. Either it was going to make a minimal and negligible difference in my performance, strength, and overall body composition, or it was going to slowly congeal me. I’ve been substituting it in for about … Continue reading

Descent into Madness

It’s ba-a-ack! Yup, my mom’s in town, and that means it’s officially VEGETARIAN WEEK! Aside from the stashes of chicken curry I squirreled away in my office fridge a couple days ago, I’ll be abstaining from eating anything with a face. Or, oddly enough, anything with alcohol. I don’t know which of the two will … Continue reading

Macadamia Nutjob

Last weekend derailed my momentum a little bit. Every few months, I visit my (strictly vegetarian) family in DC or New Jersey and go carb- and sugar- and gluten-crazy. Is there a way to get stronger and build muscle on a purely vegetarian diet? Possibly. It would take a lot of eggs, a lot of … Continue reading

Carb Backloading Revisited

It’s been a while since the last post, but I may have caught on to something. A couple nights ago, I got on the scale (I know, it’s a mistake!) but I broke 190 lbs, and my body fat has been just about the same on any measure I can find. This equates to about … Continue reading

The Beauty of Data Collection

I love data. I love spreadsheets and calculations and numbers. I love statistical significance, p-values and T-tests. How is this relevant to CrossFit Football? Well, I’ve been at it for a month, and I’ve been keeping a meticulous log of a bunch of different variables to figure out the ideal combination of modifiable factors in … Continue reading

Dairy Week

I’m pretty giddy about Crossfit Football after 10 short days. I feel like I’ve lifted more frequently and more successfully than I have in any other two-week stretch since quitting the old gym. And Tuesday’s Fight-Gone-Bad-style WOD (40 secs on / 20 secs off of pullups, dumbbell thrusters, and other torture devices) brought me back … Continue reading

One Week With Crossfit Football

So as part of my next, newest experiment with fitness and nutrition, I’ve embarked on the CrossFit Football program, meant to turn me into a powerful athlete slowly but surely, as long as I stick with the tenets of eating lots of clean meat/starches, lifting 4 days a week, resting, and bringing intensity to the … Continue reading