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Just Tell Me What To Eat

It’s five days in to a brand new Paleo Challenge and I already feel a bit of difference. I got through a nasty cold without one bit of wheezing, which would have been impossible before. I can walk the mile-and-a-half to work without the least bit of tiredness. I’ve been squatting (240lb x5), benching (190lb … Continue reading

The Quest for Conditioning

It’s a new day, and with a new day comes a new experiment. Another 10-14 day cycle of doing something slightly drastic and silly, to see if it’s the magic bullet that accomplishes the right combination of my five major goals: better metabolic conditioning, increased strength, increased muscle mass, fat loss, asthma control. Coming back … Continue reading

The Last Temptations

The Last Temptations Before started my official 30-Day Paleo Challenge next week, I had a few final indulgences to cross off my list. Kind of like the old sitcom cliché about the father who finds his kid smoking and forces him to smoke an entire carton to learn his lesson. Donuts. Pecan pie. Mac and … Continue reading

L Words

L is for luck. October has been a month of experimentation, soul-searching, and forcing myself out of my comfort zone in any way possible. Starting, foremost, with being genuine, honest, and upfront with The Terrorist. I’m a quiet person. I’m independent, reserved, defensive, and not quick to trust anyone, especially myself. I censor every thought … Continue reading

All I Really Want Is Goals

All I Really Want Is Goals Airplane flights are really the best time to re-evaluate your goals. You’re sitting there, often by yourself, usually having done something extravagant or out-of-character that has forced you to question the trajectory of your life on a whole. I’m thinking about the Vegas loser who has gambled away his … Continue reading

Cat and Mouse and Grasshopper

I’d like to say everything was OK until the grasshopper showed up. But it wasn’t. (Yes, I’m still thinking about it.) Saturday August 13 2011 – Cheat Day Breakfast: baked lemon-garlic chicken breast, sautéed spinach Workout: Incline Bench 165lb 3 sets of 5, Weighted Pull-up 65lb 3 sets of 4 Post-Workout Recovery: 2 small sweet … Continue reading

Ask Not For Whom The “Clock Gone Bad” Tolls

It tolls for Crossfit. Day 3 Workout: Tabata squats (1 set of 8 cycles) Breakfast: 6 eggs, salsa, spinach Workout: See Below. Lunch: Sweet Potato and Turkey Sausage, Green Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Dinner: Moe’s Chicken Fajita (no tortillas) I texted my friend Shera (who quit Crossfit a couple days ago), still wobbly and dehydrated … Continue reading