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The Two Types of Paleos

Fresh off a glorious extended food porn weekend in New Orleans (take home message – Commander’s Palace is worth every penny), the last thing I want to see is another scoop of gelato, slice of pizza, or Hurricane. I’m ready for a week of clean lifting and clean eating. Recently, I’ve been reading some articles … Continue reading

Guilt Trip

The unbearable guilt! The cumulative effects of a very non-Paleo month had left me feeling and looking a little flabby (186 lbs, 19% body fat), so a series of wildly drastic get-fit-quick plans rushed through my head. Work out three times a day! Sprints every morning! No carbs! No liquor! All easier said than done. … Continue reading

The Hurricane’s Revenge

My discovery over the weekend was this: not *only* can a bad diet cancel out a rigorous workout regimen, but if it’s bad enough, it can overshadow it. I’ve been pretty active these past 2-3 weeks. Working out just about everyday, whether it’s a weightlifting session or a brief metabolic-conditioning workout (50 burpees for time, … Continue reading

Carb Backloading Experiment – Day 1

In order to give one last whirl to such things as intermittent fasting, cheat day gorging, and super-low-carb eating in general, I’m putting myself through a 10-day experiment with The Carb Backloading Plan. You’ll see the rules and goals of the program as I go through my day chronologically. Why 10 days? Because each of … Continue reading

Adventures in Carb Backloading

I’m always up for a good experiment. And during my random browsings, I came upon yet another nutrition idea that could help my strength and conditioning. It’s endorsed by a physicist, so it *has* to work. It’s called carb backloading, and it has received a fair bit of press recently as the new big thing. … Continue reading

The War on Breakfast

I’ve been quite busy over the past two weeks, reintroducing a lot of ‘borderline’ and decidedly un-Paleo foods into my diet in a less-than-organized fashion. For those keeping score at home, I’m currently consuming: potatoes, high-fat dairy, chocolate, bourbon, peas, and little bits of sugar. I’m still not touching: rice, corn, bread, lentils, beer. (Not … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Day 24: Love For “Free The Animal”

Day 24 – Tuesday January 24 Workout: deadlift 300×5, 340×3, 380×4 Post-Workout Gorging: sweet potatoes, green curry chicken with cauliflower Dinner: green curry chicken with cauliflower (the remainder) Second Dinner: tomato soup with bacon and shredded chicken breast Future baby chickens consumed: 0 (84 total) Sweet potatoes consumed: 2 (22.5 total) Inhaler puffs: 1 (2 … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Day 23: Hungry Like The Wolf

Day 23 – Monday January 23 … Yes, I did it. I went the entire day eating nothing solid, drinking nothing but coffee and green tea and water. I’ve done this before, but not for this long a period of time. Maybe 18 hours, maybe 20, but not 36. My inspiration for this experiment was … Continue reading

The Good Boyfriend

As Wile E. Coyote would say if he ever finally caught the Roadrunner, “Okay, now what?” The Terrorist and I are cheerfully and enjoyably dating, meeting one another’s friends, sharing in one another’s passions (I doubt she’ll ever sit through an entire ballgame with me, but if she sees “Moneyball” with me at the theater, … Continue reading


Wednesday August 3, 2011 Workout – 75 kettlebell swings at 62lb (sets of 40, 20, 15) Post-Workout – 2 purple sweet potatoes, 1 turkey sausage Breakfast – 6-egg omelet, salsa, steamed broccoli Lunch – baked chicken breast, yellow squash Dinner – salmon filet, red cabbage, 1 glass red wine Thursday August 4, 2011 Breakfast – … Continue reading