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The Low Carb Purge: 8 Pounds in 10 Days

Yup, in full penance mode for an overindulgent Thanksgiving, and in pre-penance mode for my holiday party, I spent 10 days cutting out the carbs (under 30g a day) and mostly sticking to a Primal diet (occasional grass-fed butter and cheese). The results? Better than they look. My waist is down 1.5″, my weight dropped … Continue reading

Paleo and Asthma, Round Two

Two big notes from the first week of my abbreviated two-week clean-eating trial. I haven’t played completely by Paleo rules (adding some splashes of heavy cream to coffee, and cooking veggies in butter), but other than that, I’ve been good and grain-/dairy-free. 1. The asthma response works again!¬†Interesting that I’ve seen such a dramatic difference … Continue reading

The Post Thanksgiving Purge

I survived. Thanksgiving was a crazy, exciting, whirlwind, mostly meat-free*, sugar-bomb of a weekend with my strict vegetarian family. My sister and I made jalapeno poppers and tacos for the kids, with fried chili tofu and grilled veggies aside from the usual beans/cheese/salsa. There was much pie and brownie action. And on my one night … Continue reading

Operation 200

Yup, it happened. I hit the big 200-pound mark on the scale at work this morning, after what I swear will be my last chunk of pre-Thanksgiving carbs: some post-workout rice, a big bowl of tortellini, and some (highly-recommended) Ben & Jerry’s Mud Pie Ice Cream. But I woke up in the morning feeling a … Continue reading

Mr. Clean

So it’s been three weeks with Carb Backloading, and it’s time to take stock of my results. I have another two solid weeks before I head to my ancestral home in New Jersey for Thanksgiving Piemageddon, after which I’m going to reload and attempt a full 7-10 day no-carb buy-in period. But anyway: 1. Body … Continue reading

Fat Overdose

Week 2 of Carb-Backloading is complete, and while putting my clothes on this morning, I noticed two things. One, my shoulders are HUGE. My dress shirt, which fit perfectly a few weeks ago, is now pinching my shoulders in and threatening to tear every time I bend down to tie my shoes. Not the worst … Continue reading

The Rice Experiment

Where have I been the past couple weeks? Eating a lot of rice, in order to prove a point to myself. Either it was going to make a minimal and negligible difference in my performance, strength, and overall body composition, or it was going to slowly congeal me. I’ve been substituting it in for about … Continue reading

The Lure of Perfectionism

What can I, or anyone, *expect* from the Paleo Diet, in my case a simple 3 or 4 weeks of it? You avoid the sugars and the grains, you eat under 100g carbs per day, you stay active, you eat grass-fed ruminants and wild-caught fish… and then what? What’s the end point? At what point … Continue reading

Guilt Trip

The unbearable guilt! The cumulative effects of a very non-Paleo month had left me feeling and looking a little flabby (186 lbs, 19% body fat), so a series of wildly drastic get-fit-quick plans rushed through my head. Work out three times a day! Sprints every morning! No carbs! No liquor! All easier said than done. … Continue reading

Carb Backloading Experiment – Day 2

I was dreading yesterday. An entire day without carbohydrates? I haven’t done this in months. Years, maybe? What would I eat? How would I adjust? How much would I crave a dusty peanut butter cup lying the corner of the conference room, or an errant nubbin of frosting on the cafeteria table, residual from a … Continue reading