Free the Animal

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Let’s take the following assumptions about be to be true: 1. I work out more than the average person. 2. I sleep less than I should. 3. I worry a hell of a lot more than I should. 4. For the amount of exercise I do and the steadfastness of my diet, I’m not seeing the … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Day 24: Love For “Free The Animal”

Day 24 – Tuesday January 24 Workout: deadlift 300×5, 340×3, 380×4 Post-Workout Gorging: sweet potatoes, green curry chicken with cauliflower Dinner: green curry chicken with cauliflower (the remainder) Second Dinner: tomato soup with bacon and shredded chicken breast Future baby chickens consumed: 0 (84 total) Sweet potatoes consumed: 2 (22.5 total) Inhaler puffs: 1 (2 … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Day 23: Hungry Like The Wolf

Day 23 – Monday January 23 … Yes, I did it. I went the entire day eating nothing solid, drinking nothing but coffee and green tea and water. I’ve done this before, but not for this long a period of time. Maybe 18 hours, maybe 20, but not 36. My inspiration for this experiment was … Continue reading