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New Orleans: A Food Photo Journal

Last weekend was the gluttonous celebration of both my birthday and The Terrorist’s birthday, and a luxurious sweltering trip to New Orleans was just what we both needed. To down Hurricanes and Sazeracs and stumble down narrow decrepit streets in a fog, to avoid projectile beads being flung from Bourbon St balconies, and to fall … Continue reading

The Last Temptations

The Last Temptations Before started my official 30-Day Paleo Challenge next week, I had a few final indulgences to cross off my list. Kind of like the old sitcom cliché about the father who finds his kid smoking and forces him to smoke an entire carton to learn his lesson. Donuts. Pecan pie. Mac and … Continue reading

Gluten and Asthma

It hit me like the investigator at the end of “The Usual Suspects”, about two weeks into my initial experiment with the Paleo diet, in March of 2010. I hadn’t used my inhaler once since I started cutting grains out of my diet, and this was through 4-times-a-week CrossFit workouts that left me exhausted, making … Continue reading

Sauce Boss

This Week in Food Debauchery: Gelato Quest 2011 began with dinner at my favorite Birmingham restaurant, Trattoria Centrale, a hip Italian joint in the middle of downtown with fantastic pizza, a tiny menu, and great prices. We topped it off with gelato in two of the five available flavors: vanilla and affogato (topped with fresh … Continue reading