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The Quest for Conditioning

It’s a new day, and with a new day comes a new experiment. Another 10-14 day cycle of doing something slightly drastic and silly, to see if it’s the magic bullet that accomplishes the right combination of my five major goals: better metabolic conditioning, increased strength, increased muscle mass, fat loss, asthma control. Coming back … Continue reading

Kettlebell Swinger

Day 32 – Thursday June 30 Workout – 75kb swings at 53lb (in 2 sets! 46 and 29) Breakfast – salmon filet, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – 6 eggs, salad Dinner – green chicken curry with cauliflower Day 33 – Thursday July 1 Breakfast – 6 eggs, spinach, coconut butter Lunch – Moe’s chicken fajita … Continue reading