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Coming Together

Date #2 with The Terrorist: On our first date, we had made plans to watch a movie; her idea – The Hangover 2 at the Dollar Theater on Saturday. I called The Terrorist (so named because of her frequent business jaunts to Israel and Jordan) that afternoon to finalize the times and offered to pick her up, which she … Continue reading

Critical Mass

I’m 5’8” (with the right shoes on), 164 pounds. I look… pretty good. Very good, maybe. I get it. But I’m also a perfectionist, an obsessive tinkerer, and a former chunky teenager who *never* had the body of an 18-year-old, even as an 18-year-old. While I’m happy that I look the way I look, I … Continue reading

Kitchen Nightmares

Tuesday August 9 2011 Breakfast – salmon filet, sautéed spinach Lunch – 6 hard-boiled eggs, sautéed spinach Dinner – smothered chicken breast in “Thai gravy” (recipe below) Other – 1 tequila-and-soda with lime Wednesday August 10 2011 Breakfast – 6-egg omelet, salsa, sautéed spinach Lunch – smothered chicken breast in “Thai gravy” (recipe below) Dinner … Continue reading

The Floodgates Open

Sunday August 7 2011 Breakfast – salmon filet, turnip greens Lunch – two rotisserie chicken legs, turnip greens Dinner – Jimmy John’s Turkey Guacamole Un-wich (lettuce wrap) Monday August 8 2011 Breakfast – 6 egg omelet, salsa, turnip greens Lunch – Moe’s chicken fajita with guacamole Dinner – rotisserie chicken wings in green curry dipping … Continue reading


Wednesday August 3, 2011 Workout – 75 kettlebell swings at 62lb (sets of 40, 20, 15) Post-Workout – 2 purple sweet potatoes, 1 turkey sausage Breakfast – 6-egg omelet, salsa, steamed broccoli Lunch – baked chicken breast, yellow squash Dinner – salmon filet, red cabbage, 1 glass red wine Thursday August 4, 2011 Breakfast – … Continue reading

Carbs and Kisses

[Forgive my lack of compulsiveness. I’ve neglected to write down or measure or pinch anything related to 4-HB this week. My diet’s been on point; lots of omelettes, salmon, and Moe’s chicken fajitas. I experimented with the 62-lb kettlebells, with rousing success. I unapologetically ate two giant sweet potatoes for breakfast that day. It felt … Continue reading