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The Two Types of Paleos

Fresh off a glorious extended food porn weekend in New Orleans (take home message – Commander’s Palace is worth every penny), the last thing I want to see is another scoop of gelato, slice of pizza, or Hurricane. I’m ready for a week of clean lifting and clean eating. Recently, I’ve been reading some articles … Continue reading

Potatoes from Heaven

Where have the posts gone? It’s been a month! Simple explanation. Most of my experimental blog posts are fueled by frustration. Lack of improvement in body composition, strength, conditioning, or all three. But I think I’ve (finally!) found a balance of what to do and when to do it, with very little stress or fuss. … Continue reading

The Rice Experiment

Where have I been the past couple weeks? Eating a lot of rice, in order to prove a point to myself. Either it was going to make a minimal and negligible difference in my performance, strength, and overall body composition, or it was going to slowly congeal me. I’ve been substituting it in for about … Continue reading

How Bad is Rice?

What did I do this morning, my shoulders sore from climbing, my quads aching for unknown reasons? First off, I slept in till 8:30, a full 9 hours of glorious bedtime. And after my coffee, if you guessed that I snuck in some uphill sprints before the rain came pouring down, you’re right! My endurance … Continue reading