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Carb Backloading Experiment – Day 4

In which I learn that you can’t have it all. 6:30am – Breakfast as usual (nori, butter, olive oil) – 52g fat, 0 carb, 0 protein. 9am, 10am, 11am – Coffee explosion, a nod to the 6 hours of sleep I got last night. 1:30pm – Lunch, which I was once again prepared for – 4 … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Day 4: This Liquor Got The Best of Me

Jan 4, 2012 – Day 4 Breakfast: mixed greens, omelet with avocado and salsa Workout: bench press (135×5/155×5/175×10), dips (3×10) Post-workout: Sweet potatoes, Thai red curry chicken with broccoli/cauliflower Dinner: fried green tomatoes, Mediterranean chicken-and-“rice”, 1 glass red wine Future baby chickens consumed: 6 (25 total) Sweet potato body count: 2 (2 total) Inhaler puffs: 1 … Continue reading