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Descent into Madness

It’s ba-a-ack! Yup, my mom’s in town, and that means it’s officially VEGETARIAN WEEK! Aside from the stashes of chicken curry I squirreled away in my office fridge a couple days ago, I’ll be abstaining from eating anything with a face. Or, oddly enough, anything with alcohol. I don’t know which of the two will … Continue reading

Macadamia Nutjob

Last weekend derailed my momentum a little bit. Every few months, I visit my (strictly vegetarian) family in DC or New Jersey and go carb- and sugar- and gluten-crazy. Is there a way to get stronger and build muscle on a purely vegetarian diet? Possibly. It would take a lot of eggs, a lot of … Continue reading

The Vegetarian’s Guide to Paleo and Primal Eating

Monday January 9, 2012 – Day 9 Breakfast: broccoli and Thai red curry chicken Lunch: grilled chicken salad with mixed vegetables Dinner: turnip, bacon, and diced chicken hash Future baby chickens consumed: 0 (40 total) Sweet potatoes consumed: (6 total) Inhaler puffs: 0 (last puff 4 days ago) Tuesday January 10, 2012 – Day 10 … Continue reading

Southern Vegetarian Thanksgiving

My sister: “Dude, the kids aren’t going to eat falafel and hummus. We’re going to need another theme.” Me: “How about Southern food?” My sister: “Like what?” Me: “We can make mac and cheese, corn muffins, red velvet cake…” My sister: “And deep fried everything! You might be on to something here.” Growing up vegetarian, … Continue reading