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Potatoes from Heaven

Where have the posts gone? It’s been a month! Simple explanation. Most of my experimental blog posts are fueled by frustration. Lack of improvement in body composition, strength, conditioning, or all three. But I think I’ve (finally!) found a balance of what to do and when to do it, with very little stress or fuss. … Continue reading

The Low Carb Purge: 8 Pounds in 10 Days

Yup, in full penance mode for an overindulgent Thanksgiving, and in pre-penance mode for my holiday party, I spent 10 days cutting out the carbs (under 30g a day) and mostly sticking to a Primal diet (occasional grass-fed butter and cheese). The results? Better than they look. My waist is down 1.5″, my weight dropped … Continue reading

Mr. Clean

So it’s been three weeks with Carb Backloading, and it’s time to take stock of my results. I have another two solid weeks before I head to my ancestral home in New Jersey for Thanksgiving Piemageddon, after which I’m going to reload and attempt a full 7-10 day no-carb buy-in period. But anyway: 1. Body … Continue reading

My Carb Backloading Sample Diet, v2.0

Here goes nothing. After questioning the sanity of attempting yet another odd fitness-and-nutrition experiment, only to potentially bail on it 2-3 months later due to a perceived lack of results, I went all in on Carb Backloading this Sunday and Monday. Here is my daily food-and-activity dairy for Sunday (a rest day) and Monday (a … Continue reading

You’re Doing It Wrong

Muscle gain *and* fat loss at the same time? Can you have it all? Physicist-turned-fitness guru John Kiefer says you can. His semi-new Carb Backloading program, which is being talked about by everyone from Robb Wolf (“it’s the triple point of health, longevity, and perfomance”) to Arnold Schwarzenegger (some story about he and Franco Columbu … Continue reading

Return of the Hack

My experiment with increasing my carb intake has been somewhat of a success. Still a work in progress, but it’s already seen some ups and downs. A bit of background: I’ve been unwittingly eating a low-carb diet, about 60g a day, and usually under 30g on non-workout days. Combined with heavy lifting 3 days a … Continue reading

The War on Breakfast

I’ve been quite busy over the past two weeks, reintroducing a lot of ‘borderline’ and decidedly un-Paleo foods into my diet in a less-than-organized fashion. For those keeping score at home, I’m currently consuming: potatoes, high-fat dairy, chocolate, bourbon, peas, and little bits of sugar. I’m still not touching: rice, corn, bread, lentils, beer. (Not … Continue reading

My Sugary Valentine

Sometimes, as I learned this weekend, you just need to shut up and enjoy yourself. Then again, I wasn’t about to let a severe asthma attack creep in and ruin the fun, so I hopped off the Paleo Wagon for an evening and embraced everything grain-free. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, after all, a time … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Days 27 and 28: 100 Eggs and Counting

Day 27 – Friday January 27 Workout: shoulder press 100×5, 115×3, 125×6 Post-workout: sweet potatoes, red curry chicken and cauliflower Snack: red curry chicken and cauliflower Dinner: rutabaga fries, jalapeno scrambled eggs Future baby chickens consumed: 4 (100 total!!!) Sweet potatoes consumed: 2 (24.5 total) Inhaler puffs: 0 (2 in last 7 days) Day 28 … Continue reading

Paleo Challenge Days 6 & 7: Living a Real Life

Jan 6, 2012 – Day 6 Lunch: Tandoori-spiced chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and cauliflower Workout: Deadlifts 260lbx5, 300lbx5, 340lbx9 / 62lb KB swings 3×10 Post-Workout: sweet potatoes, almond chicken and cauliflower rice Dinner: lemon-caper chicken and mushroom/olive oil tossed spaghetti squash Afters: Tequila-and-club soda x3 Future baby chickens consumed: 0 (30 total) Sweet potato body … Continue reading