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I Stopped Counting

Bad Carb-ma. What did I ever do to you, carbohydrates? You were my secret lover for most of my teenage years. I worshipped you in all your forms: rice, pizza, donuts, ice cream, errant sugar packets at restaurants. Sure, we had a bit of a falling out a couple years ago, and when you saw … Continue reading

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So I guess I should refrain from telling any more stories or making any more comments about The Terrorist, since we’re unofficially officially dating now. But the evening that it all came together and we realized that through all our online dating consternations, we were looking for each other, I made the meal of my … Continue reading

Bachelor Heaven

The big news, perhaps the biggest news that I’ve ever had, is that The Terrorist and I are on the verge of a “relationship”. On the heels of our last date, which was an act of total destruction on my part (including a perfectly-cooked French dinner, a couple bottles of wine, and surprise bacon cupcakery … Continue reading

Large and In Charge

So after several up-and-down not-as-fun-as-they-should-have-been months of trying to get lean and burn fat (“Why? Where?”, as one of my friends quizzically asked me), the time has come to lift some damn weights. Grrr. There is extensive science and method to this, as there is everywhere, and like I’ve mentioned before, there are a dozen … Continue reading

South Indian Food Porn

In honor of my recent carb-a-licious trip to New York, we take a break from our regularly-scheduled girl-whinings and fitness-ramblings to present: South Indian Food Porn. My family is from a city on the Southeastern coast of India called Chennai, where the culture, the language, and the food are completely different from the more common … Continue reading

All I Really Want Is Goals

All I Really Want Is Goals Airplane flights are really the best time to re-evaluate your goals. You’re sitting there, often by yourself, usually having done something extravagant or out-of-character that has forced you to question the trajectory of your life on a whole. I’m thinking about the Vegas loser who has gambled away his … Continue reading